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About Family Restoration Counseling Services

About Christina Umana Christina O. Umana (M.S.Ed, NCC, LPC) is a Registered Nurse with BSN,  Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) by the State of Illinois and Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). She earned her Master's Degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in Educational Psychology with specialty in Marriage & Family Counseling.She provides Clinically sound treatment methods with Christian based principles and collaboratively work effectively from client's perspective. She provides counseling services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. She is affiliated with several professional organizations and associations including: Community of Faith Church, National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), Illinois Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (IAMFT), The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy(AAMFT),  Illinois Counseling Association (ICA), International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC),  Academic and Professional Honor Society: The Honor Society of PHI KAPPA PHI, Chi Sigma Iota (CSI), Prepare/Enrich Counselor for Pre-marital counseling.   

My Story: How I became a marriage and family counselor

Christina Umana - Owner, Lead Counselor


I became interested in counseling at a young age. Being the daughter of a Pastor, I often watched my father counsel married couples and the many challenges these couples faced, including relational issues. I would always think to myself, “Why do Christians have so many problems? Why can’t Christians make marriage work?” It was a question that lingered in the back of my mind as I grew up and decided to enter the health field, working as a nurse.


Working as a nurse, I discovered that my main interest was getting to know my patients personally and learning more about them. Practicing bedside nursing just wasn’t enough for me, I really wanted to get to know my patients on a more personal level, meeting not only their physical needs but also their emotional needs. Outside of work, I became aware of how strangers were always drawn to me and voluntarily share their problems or need for advice. My friends would often tell me that I had a gift of listening and making people feel heard, that I needed to explore becoming a counselor. 


I soon realized that pursuing a career in counseling would allow me to acquire the skills and tools needed to better meet peoples needs and help them attain their maximum potential. It is  my desire to help couples in churches grow healthier and succeed in their marriages. God has given us all the secrets on how to make a relationship work. We simply need to ensure that God stays in the center of the relationship.


I pursued my dream of studying to be a marriage counselor and received my Master's Degree in Educational Psychology specializing in Marriage and Family Counseling from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. I then embarked on a journey that would lead me to opening my own private practice with a unique mission and a vision for Christian and non-Christian couples. Alarmed at the high divorce rate amongst Christians, I have felt a calling to confront the problems faced by Christian couples and connect with all those families in need. I see this practice as striving to meet those needs and a unique opportunity to serve. 

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